The Conures of Fruity Flock

Meet the 3 little helpers of Fruity Flock Shop. Mango, Ringo and Jujube are three very cheeky conures who help out by thanking our valued customers with a small chomp on the thank you cards they receive. When they are not providing their service, the Fruity Flock are usually busy foraging for goodies in their enclosure.

The Pioneer of Fruity Flock

Kiwi is Fruity Flock Shop's late conure and the very first flock member to sign thank you cards. We dare say if she was still around she'd be the manager of the flock. Her avatar is kept on our thank you cards till this day as an appreciation of the service she's provided and in remembrance of her.

The Designer

Simone is the person behind most of Fruity Flock Shop. She manages many areas of the shop from product designing to order fulfillment. Simone shares a strong passion for art and parrots. She draws inspiration through studying the behaviours of the specific species she is drawing.

The Business Adviser

Hidden behind the scenes is Vincent, whose primary role is to maintain peace and harmony in the shop. He is our go to guy when it comes to business advices and he manages the Fruity Flock conures', ensuring they are happy and healthy.