My name is Simone
and I love many things.
Especially birds
and the joy that they bring.

Among other things
are games and art
But it has been years
since I followed my heart.

I have many friends
who love birds like me
So I asked "Can I draw them?"
and they gladly agreed.

I foraged my stationary
and picked up a pen.
I drew my friend's cockatiels
and found the joy of art again.

I glanced at my lonely
cutting machine
That desperately needed
a big thorough clean.

When suddenly, a lightbulb
lit up in my head.
"Why not I make them
into stickers instead?"

One parrot, two parrots,
three parrots I drew.
Before I knew it,
my collection it grew.

From conures to cockatoos,
to caiques that hop.
It all became part of
the Fruity Flock Shop.