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Elevate your journals, laptops, and water bottles with our enchanting American Woodcock laminated vinyl sticker, celebrating the elusive charm of North America's woodland marvel. Crafted with durable vinyl and protective lamination, this sticker ensures enduring vibrancy wherever it ventures. Delight in the Woodcock's distinctive presence as it adds a touch of wilderness to your daily essentials.

Did you know that the American Woodcock possesses a remarkable long, flexible bill, which it uses to probe deep into the soil in search of earthworms, its primary food source? Embrace the wonder of nature's design and showcase your admiration for avian beauty with our captivating sticker, a testament to the intricate wonders of the natural world.


Dimension: 6.0cm x 5.5cm

Material: Glossy laminated vinyl sticker

• Scratch resistant
• Water resistant
• Hand wash only
• Leaves no residue when peeled
• Perfect for laptops, phone cases, tumblers, scrapbooks and journals

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