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Unveil the allure of New Zealand's iconic kiwi with our laminated vinyl sticker, a tribute to this flightless wonder of the Southern Hemisphere. Adorn your belongings with the distinct charm of this beloved bird, known for its endearing appearance and unique nocturnal lifestyle.

Crafted with durable vinyl and a protective laminate, this sticker ensures longevity wherever it roams, be it laptops, water bottles, or journals. Did you know that despite its small size, the kiwi lays one of the largest eggs in relation to its body size of any bird in the world? Embrace the Kiwi spirit and showcase your love for wildlife with our vibrant sticker, a symbol of both conservation and admiration for nature's marvels.


Dimension: 6.0cm x 5.5cm

Material: Glossy laminated vinyl sticker

• Scratch resistant
• Water resistant
• Hand wash only
• Leaves no residue when peeled
• Perfect for laptops, phone cases, tumblers, scrapbooks and journals

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